10) Even in Germany, proving Racism in Israel does not constitute Antisemitism!

In solidarity with the refugees in israel!

In this page I will try to collect some information about some international support to the refugees in Israel.

CALL TO ACTION (print +zip of call+info and in german])

International community : we urge you to advocate that Israel stop our imprisonment and starts respecting refugee rights! Israel’s latest policy of arbitrary detention for endless time without trial continues to humiliate our community. We are turning to you for help and asking you to mobilize towards demonstrations at Israeli Embassies on 22 of January 2014.

international solidarity campaign, facebook


call to action

While the right wing governing in israel already use this case to portrait itself as a protector against refugees, the silence in the west (europe and usa) about its crimes is used by the israeli government to show to the israeli society its "success" in its "fight against war refugees" - so much cynical.

Why am I doing it? To me History will judge any of us. As Israeli children in school we learned that the only thing we could "do" to the German is to remember and show. For me that lessons is true now for the 50,000 refugees from Sudan and Eritrea being in war zone, while the refugees are silently and unlawfully Haunted to be excluded from the Israeli society.

To me, weapon production and exporting to war zones, corrupting government and exploiting lands are good enough reasons to take full responsibility over people running from war, and this as a foundation for any kind of humanitarian societies (of course, before going to war to teach the others some "values").

As for this month the issue is urgent, as the government might be re-challenged in highest court. See this chronic (since 1/2012) of the racist attacks against non-Jewish African asylum-seekers in Israel for several years + Haaretz Editorial 03.01.2014+ in english.

yomgashum1@ustream.tv +Tel Tviv. Watch thousands of African refugees participating in a community meeting in Levinsky Park , preparing a three days strike protesting Israeli authorities persecution of refugees and their forced detention.

The basic right to freedom: photos@972mag + photos@activestills+the women-march

  • Freeing all imprisoned;
  • Amending the anti-infiltrator law;
  • Check every single asylum request;
  • Speak directly with the community in order to find a solution



The international 22th of jan 2014


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