11) ComComized collaboration platform is partly or fully equally owned by its contributors able to select and create environments

You already now can join, create or host your ComComized collaboration platform, which is partly or fully equally owned by its contributors (some interviews). We are creating the ComComized platform in hope to be useful for club/network of buyers.

  • This can be made useful for 3 target groups, namely: customers, small business they buy from, and social oriented business makers ( as ordinary/non-peer partners).
  • This can be developed in 3 steps, namely: 1st customers coming with trademark of their comcomized association to get something like 10% discount, 2nd the association position its people in some corner of the small business to server its members in higher discount 20-30% and 3rd creating real computation against the big markets.
  • While this is happening the people being organized and costumers could also become more political.
  • The first threshold is to have 1000 people registered for to attract professionals as layers tax adviser etc.
contact events & spread it

The idea is to make it decentralized, but accessible by one general keyword (eg. "comcomized") used in domain names (such as comcomized.com), where

  • the sub-domains are maintained separately or commonly on one or more servers to provide environment by appiactions managed by its admin/s and
  • the sub-domains are names are categorized by their tld (e.g. com,net,org,info for the categories groups,users,projects,information-knowledge-etc).
Your-Group.ComComized.com YourSelf.ComComized.net
Your-Project.ComComized.org Your-Sharing.ComComized.info

The idea is to share good info so that the operators of specific comcomized unit could go there and perform for the unit on sub domain of comcomized.com, where the info is

  • for server eg, https://robot.your-server.de/order/market
  • for images we produce for such communities to works on, eg with durpal wordpress git wiki etc
  • for pull of professional to rent able using such imges on such servers or only coninuing from those.

The authenticatation has 2 steps:

  • 1st the hardest: to become a unique user on .comcomized.net including iiaom and
  • the 2nd in registration in a comcom on comcomised.com with negotiating with the user on comcomized.net, (the 2nd should involve ping pong between net and com and be essay like signing twitter with facebook etc)

Currently we are having jabber on comcomized.net and our todo list has:

  • multi site forum for the subdomains of all memebers who don't have it otherwise.
  • on comcomized.net/group-name/transactions to build transaction forum of the group, where it is visible only for its members, its body has the groups it holds for which is parameters are visible and the table of the parameters of its non human ownerss .
  • on comcomized.net/group-name/ to have forum of the group visible to its members
  • on comcomized.net welcome page + in its bottom forum visible to all members of comcomized.net.

In addition, as the contributors of the platform are its owners, they are now able to select and create their developing environment, its term-of-use and the licences over the products made in it. Such contributors are software/hardware developers, artists, reporters, researchers, bloggers, activists, journalists and members of social networks (eg of buyers) etc … A clear way to assign and distinguish between such platforms is by issuing the platform's criteria for the licences, environments and terms-of-use. eg:

  • Like the open source criteria (which was made for the use of the platforms related to geeknet NASDAQ:GKNT lasting until 2012, now owned by DiceHoldings NYSE:DHX), but without the 6th paragraph specifying "No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor". This might be a good idea for you, if only they (the NASDAQ:GKNT), but not you (the contributors) want ALL commercial users and ALL use, including amoral fields, such as of monitoring and torturing by cia and nsa or as the dna research for the Monsanto food production monopoly.
    • Why google ban agpl?
    • Being one of 450m aware users of whatsapp which was sold to facebook for 19b, just for getting you and your data and conncetions, would never happened for the next after whatsup if the one would be comcomized, just because the unchangeability of the common company contract.

Why is this crucial now and critical for you and your children?

  • As snowden's files shows, all over the globus, national security agencies collaborate and are controlled by the lobbies of the private companies contracting with such agencies.
    • This amounts to use of army and/or weapon industry against civil population.
    • In our school we learn that the one, designing a gun to kill, is a killer, as the one using it, producing and selling it.

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