14) prediction on the regain try of the centralized national capitalistic for rich system back from the bitcoin experience

Here is a prediction of a "new" shift, try keeping the gap and keeping the state as mediator and controler, from national money system of central banks + bank to national crypto money system by a "new" crypto coin (similar to bitcoin), but nationalized, centralized and taxable one, for which part like (10%) are (in-home mined. like the printing by central bank, but now by taxable startup companies ), as the coin is distributed personally (to get identification and as the central bank in 0% interest!?) and taxable as shares and not as monay (as the irs imposes on the bitcoin), to keep the control by money in state by the rich 0.?1% via big companies crossing states. Couldn't you imagine google or facebook mining and distributing for free a usacoin just for to continue monopolizing and monitoring societies?

eg. isracoin island the cpoin in isalnd and other.

Unlike the Rcoin
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