16) FreeXberg - free xberg 4 gatherings and protests from monika or the greens! Xberg won't become Cambodia!

No Freedom of movement of people! No Freedom of information! Where? In berlin Xberg. Who tried and failed to make it? The Green PartyPolice!


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#freeXberg is a platform for gatherings and protests in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg having in common the demand to Withdraw the bill "Widerruf des BA-Beschlusses vom 18.03.2014" and blame monika herrmann for secretly giving the key of sovereignty of Kreuzberg to the berlin police.

some records +Amiri from the linke about it a collection of short vid - week ending in 1/7/14

Now after exposing the secret deal of moika and the berlin's police to lose xberg's sovereignty unproportionally to their excuses for unlimited time, for every where and against any one or any issue. We are building a new coalition of gathering and protesting people with politicians bringing information political awareness and a kind of protection by actually visiting the events.

  • Are you Green or Monika (as one Supporting Immigrants)?
  • Would you let xberg close its parks for gatherings and protests like in Cambodia?
  • Do you think that restricting ONLY one Shower for 200 people for a year could only cause stress ending in loss of life and do you think this was designed to justify the school's eviction? Historically in Germany, who were those who put trees above humans?

Also see Terror or systematic error? False manifestation of the German normality formed by torturing!



  • at 8/05, day after the tent action revealing the above information in the xberg parlament:
    • while big police force with high officers arrested patric peeing and was situated for oplatz eviction, the above paper was given to rbb building their tv tower , which made some phone calls and went then police went and then patric was freed.
      • Hence in the paper there is here hidden information.
  • at 05/06, monika's deputy Taina Gärtner facebooked:
    • Ich fass es nicht! Jetzt wird tatsächlich wegen Beihilfe zur unerlaubten Einreise und Beihilfe wegen unerlaubtem Aufenthalt gegen mich ermittelt! Und das alles nur, weil ich getan hab, was der Senat wollte! Sie wollten die Registrierungen der O-Platzleute beenden, und wir sollten sie schnell ranschaffen. Hab doch nur meinen Job gemacht….. Irgendwas läuft hier verdammt falsch!
      • Hence Taina contributed so much to the broken trust and her senders became more untrusted!
        • I am not competent for for checking bills, but i do know that she was pushing both: very aloud and very secretly, the unchecked information leading to hammer of police investigation ending with nothing, only for planting mistrust in the camp and in the movement of those who do something for refugees, while as the deputy of monika, she always have the connections to the control over "the level" of such "police investigation". To me: it is now the time for her to add some clarity to the mass she created!

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