18) Liquid Union, for authentic representation in competing, but channeled differently, groups in their united projects or issues

Set of population->Project->Channel<-Group<-Individual: An idea for true representation in self governing of contradicting groups having their trademarks for governing their channels in projects or issues which are financed together.

print and try our new mini platform for liquid union workshops meet and startup.

How to avoid misrepresentation of contradicting groups and not being stuck with and sucked by misbehaving in their financing through donation tax and/or dividend?

  • Have 2 legal entities: one being a caretaker of projects and serving in financing the other, the logistic, being caretaker of membership of the population been cared of the channels per each project being financed and the owner of trademarks of the groups governing the projects, where
    • the membership of the people, able to be in one of the groups, is done by the logistic, using one "membership" folder in each group while implementing iiaom protocol.
    • each group at anytime can withdraw its trademark from the representing projects,
    • group0 for individuals, channel0 for unsatisfied people and project0 for unrecognized projects are initiated as a default,
    • the money flow is proportional to the population being served or represented by each project and
    • one logistic could get flow from one or more finance but only for projects and never per channels of such projects, where channel0 is of groups having not yet their channel but the flow goes there considering the population.


  • criteria of projects are created such that in each criteria each member has only one identity for having democratic voting between the projects.
  • each event of creating group or of member's movement between groups, must be immediately registered and be depended only on the member. This is really on unique identification of the members' union, implementable in the events of having new member or losing one.
  • officials in the unión must provide the history of all their jobs in the unión.
  • Example or formation:
    • The Humanitarian Home For Human Beings (HH4HB) is an association formed as a liquid union (see it constitution).
    • Its aim is assisting discriminated populations, like refugees and migrants, govern by the populations authentically and while avoiding misrepresentation, while focusing in reducing gaps created in unjust societies, such as the capitalistic ones, or any other society which value products, documents or religion, ethnic or cultural values more than humans.
    • Its Objectives are creating better transparency about the discriminations, like by providing radio and library together with documentation of the story of the migrant and refugees in such societies, while reducing the social gaps, by providing assistance in fields like law representation, health, food, hosting etc.

A concrete example: in concern of the refugees in berlin. Creating The Liquid Union of Refugees and Migrants in Europe: (which is openly coordinated with the 3:
* http://www.rav.de/ <- http://www.rav.de/kontakt
* http://www.kub-berlin.org/ <- http://www.kub-berlin.org/index.php/en/contact2
* http://www.via-in-berlin.de <- http://www.via-in-berlin.de/kontakt/ )
The idea is to have 2 legal entities (such as association), where

  • one serving in financing the other (to avoid misbehaving in financing)
  • as the other being the logistic is
    • A) caretaker over projects benefiting and govern by Refugees and Migrants.
      • Such projects of which some add some value to the local German community, such as for Refugees and Migrants between the frontex's borders the Refugees and Migrants
        • Radio and Library of the Refugees and Migrants
        • Documentation of their stories; and
    • B) owner of trade marks of groups of refugees being represented in those projects,
      • such that the groups could avoid misrepresentation by disallowing the use of their trade marks,
        • where the privileged is given to the members of the groups in the condition of the implementation of those privileges is made by the group.

Meeting summeries:

  • A summery of the meeting in 12/06
    • We agreed to continue at 17/06 in 10:00 morning in finding the way to realize the liquid union by founding minimal structure of the finance and logistic associations., where the membership is not of members in both associations, but in the groups having the trademarks assigned to the channels (in the logistic association) per each project (in the finance association)..Hence, our job is of plumbing and creating both associations as sealed pipes connecting only and all flows of money from donors to projects in the finance association to contractors running channel been care take by the logistic association.
      • What was left to search is if, or how much of, the the association tasks is to be given "out sourcing" to contractors or to inner functioners?
  • The summery of the meeting in 17/06: we will try to find the people for both skini associations finance and logistic, and then approach via to realize the liquid union.
  • developing the iiaom a new membership protocol functioning for community as an Inner Identifier And Outer Mask

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