21) LocalSync: while using js (v8+node) locally on tails (tor) storing localdata + private.db and distributed.db synced by otr

LocalSync: usecase while using js (v8 + node)

Locally on tails (tor), having storage saving localstorage +private.db and distributed.db, which are synced by otr protocol via simple server in fedral network, where

  • the server only matches each sender with available recipient to become directly connected or temporarily store data until user is available and starting with pull-and-clean the temp data and
    • such servers may be federally connected;
  • all messages are asymmetrically encrypted and otr sended and
    • the distributed.db also have the public keys of all recipients
    • such distributed.db in sycn with the private.db can provide
      • zero latency protcols like in meteor
      • imitating the data of the user in servers app ;
  • the whole media is symmetrically en/decrypted after/before using the tail and
    • optinaly uploaded to the cloud.

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