22) The p2proles protocol of pages having specific roles in recursive correspondents enclaves in a p2p network

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  • We, the creative class, could embarrass the industries of war by humanitarian licensing, such this humanitarian agpl;
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  • The knife-tank killing case: a non-humanitarian, usual and repeated argument tells that the use of knife is dual, for buttering - a humanitarian one, but also a non humanitarian use to kill people, but the case of (the vehicle) tank having in its specification being better in killing people is not "also humanitarian" as putting butter on the bread. Thus, in developing a humanitarian code from such knife, the tank application would already become forbidden.
  • Stopping wars cannot be made by constantly adding wars, but by fighting the industry producing its weapons, an industry which must have all unique things under its control, a condition which is fully dependent on any one's creativity, a case which developing under humanitarian code can prevent.
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At any rate, licensed gpl versus agpl, is anachronism allowing closing open source in servers farms providing dark services.

This p2proles protocol is of p2p (+ rotated hubs) processing pages in recursive correspondents enclaves and it's used in p2p network of which individuals has specific roles, such that the visibility of the data in the network is in a neighborhood and role dependency, while the visibility for anyone in the Internet is made by another p2pweb hosting.

It is running on otr and xmpp protocol, using role address of a user identifiable by the iiaom protocol and acting in a specific position in the network, while all the following 3 parameters must match another peer permissions to access, modify, create or delete the page:

  • the xmpp role address (like ten.x|em#ten.x|em) of a user identifiable by iiaom,
  • the page unique id - pgid,
    • being an integer, of which some ms bits indicates the specific role and
    • being a key for a specific role and position of the maintainer peer in the network;
  • the position of the page,
    • which is made on a Merkle tree of which leaf are concatenated (h(pgid)+iiaom of user in that position) and
    • of which root, in another merkle tree, is a signed leaf by the corespondents of the peer;

As each peer has the number of existing members the new pgid can be produced after being signed by all existing members, which then with the iiaom of the new member the new position and the double merkle trees are produced.

Each transaction is in the form of (timestamp,operator, positions(sender , receiver)) and is completed when is signed by both - receiver and sender:

  • (instantly: Sender-enc4(signed(msg))->Receiver-enc4(signed(msg))->Hub=enc4(msg)=>corespondentS) first it is signed and sent by the sender asymmetrically encrypted to the receiver signing it and sending asymmetrically encrypted to the hub sending it asymmetrically encrypted to each of the correspondent, so that the sending to big group would be done by those who have the resources, where
    • (periodically: Receiver=H(msg)=>corespondentS) periodically the sender send its hash to all correspondent, so that the group could validate both the communication and reliability of the hub.

Each peer shows information consists of pubkey, iiaom,optionally link, and a list of all possition in the network, while holding (offline symmetrically encrypted) two correspondents associative arrays

  • of address=>(pgid,information,log=(date=> message)) and
  • of pgid=>(address,position), where the pgid is set as:
    • H# (as in header) of index of last element of each the next 5 sorted arrays of pgid:
    • W# (as in with) of pages linked to and from this page, where only owner can modify;
    • I# (as in inward) of pages linked from this page, where only owner can modify;
    • O# (as in outward) of pages linked to this page, where only owner can modify;
    • R# (as in remove) of pages to be removed. The number of is visible to any, where only owner can remove and any owner of page existing in [W][O][I]can add;
    • A# (as in add)of paged to be added. The number of is visible only to owner, where only owner can remove and if want would move to W or O and any owner of page can add.

An essay python way to implement this proocl could be by splitting the chat_control.ui of Gajim to have additional notebook processing html5lib of any web url or of the contacts page in different dates. In this context if the xmpp server cannot temporarily hold asymmetrically encrypted data (as messages being archived), then it is needed to add another protocol for that usin another another official server from the same client with a check on that other server for the new msg when client is starting up. and here is some mapping of Terminologies:

  • human person== user, while using the iiaom wot;
  • account == Pgid of one user allocated by lu op only once to one role in liquid union.
    • Its page (as a wall in fb) includes status-announcement/feed/notification etc;
  • hub == using one account or one group of accounts to serve as specific admin role in the liquid union. The hub is the witness of transaction and distribute them on request to other peer in the same context.
  • corespondents = contact.

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