23) a call for eww2www, adding eww to www, to be developed in a dcomcom

keys: webrtc+ iiaom
While the Internet exceptionally gets non-neutral, central and faster, but riskier, with growing servers power, hijacking and refusal for transparency or licensing under agpl (or humanitarian agpl), a growing need emerged for effective separation, which is to be made only by the sender/receiver clients (being the subjects for the Internet), between public information to any via www, from the private information only to some buddy/ies via eww (E2EE/P2PE wide web). The eww is

  • with p2p identification by iiaom wot over xmpp protocol (using server only when establishing the connection) on
    • a client gui of frame separating roster, conversion and a multi tab frame of html5 processor and
  • where all fields in any database are separately and symmetrically encrypted by different and temporarily held key per column (columnkey), a key which is only temporarily held by any application cryptically querying the database,
  • and the information flows between points defined as element = address/r, where
    • address in format of map, url, file,xmpp(+otr) , mail(+gpg),namecoin
    • r = category:name
    • element for other element is
      • either unrelated or
      • its p (as parent), c as (child) or r (as root) in any of the n positions, where
        • n > 0,
        • c +=[p1,p2,p3…] and
        • per each table(db)==p, the index==r, as the other column==address,
        • and the field=blob[element of the children of the element].

Copyright Erez Elul @Namzezam 2014. To be developed under this contract http://yes-again-we-can.wikidot.com/contract:comcom-dev and is permitted only under this Humanitarian AGPL License: You are not allowed to use, produce from or design from this or its part, anything contained with the aim to kill, to torture, or without their consent, to cause harm to or to monitor people and any permission beside this restriction is granted here only under the Agpl License!


  • We, the creative class, could embarrass the industries of war by humanitarian licensing, such this humanitarian agpl;
  • The Humanitarian agpl (hagpl), as any other Humanitarian open source (hos) code, puts the 5th criteria, "No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups", a condition for the 6th one, "No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor" and hence forbids any discrimination between people by the use of such code.
  • The knife-tank killing case: a non-humanitarian, usual and repeated argument tells that the use of knife is dual, for buttering - a humanitarian one, but also a non humanitarian use to kill people, but the case of (the vehicle) tank having in its specification being better in killing people is not "also humanitarian" as putting butter on the bread. Thus, in developing a humanitarian code from such knife, the tank application would already become forbidden.
  • Stopping wars cannot be made by constantly adding wars, but by fighting the industry producing its weapons, an industry which must have all unique things under its control, a condition which is fully dependent on any one's creativity, a case which developing under humanitarian code can prevent.
  • Josef Mengele ones, please stop hacking people: Arguments putting the freedom to learn by doing and the add to knowledge above any other values can only be accepted as Pseudo Religious by Agents or Angels of Death, especially nowadays, when in larger areas machines are able to be more competitive than human.
  • Humanitarian open source can at-least embarrass or become more costly for the NSA in its Unnecessary and Disproportionate habit to Violates International Human Rights Standards.
  • Dual licensing option: "If you hold the humanitarian values specified above and only when the code contains agpl compatible licensed code, you may use this code under agpl".

At any rate, licensed gpl versus agpl, is anachronism allowing closing open source in servers farms providing dark services.

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