24) Groups Collaborating Comcomized Platform (GCCP)

For a better world: Developing new plugin making bp group a platform for common company defined here ("ComCom" stands for Common Company and "ComComized" means turned into a comcom). Please contact for payment per hours in developing this on github in addition to this GCCP partnership.

The GCCP partnership.(Groups Collaborating Comcomized Platform (GCCP)):
You can use this structure to collaborate in and with different groups and scales in your platform owned by the members of all those groups. As the group grows on the platform and when its number of members reach x in 1ststep or y 2ndstep and if both, the platform and the group, agree:

  • 1st step: The platform become peer owner in the group being comcomized, as the platform pay its share with some free/better services of the platform "g" to the group and "m" to each of its members .
  • 2nd step: The group become peer owner in the platform after the platform exit the group.

Note: If the platform is Dcomcomized and after the members of the group enter owning the platform in 2ndstep, they can become be regrouping in the platform as a noter comcom owning as oernery owner potion in the platform.

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