26) Free and mutual movement of information and people not only of products must be established for reducing the gaps between people

Free and mutual movement of information and people, not only of products, must be established for reducing the gaps between people. We can reduce instability by putting to an end the ability to grasp the whole by pulling only some people. For this people's mutuality, mobility and decentralization must become natural and trivial.

  • This become more and more essential, as permanent violence is required for maintaining advantages and as property is always a product of advantage, only growing in privacy, and hence with the growth of intelligence of 7b people, it can only become exponentially expansive and explosive.
  • The movement of information must be mutual not one directional eg. not only to some corporations or porno secret services.
  • The movement of people must be free and tax reducible at list as of the products, for making the people know and experience how the products flow is available, by knowing the places in which exploiting land, to which exporting weapons and in which corrupting governments are made for that flow.

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