28) Public shall be only if or not having an address, but not what is that address for stopping the conspiracy crimes of bankers

How to stop the conspiracy crimes of bankers with your state?


The simplest and most effective way to cut the power of bankers, relying upon any data to design their real estate investment policies, while sucking the 99% of citizens of all states, is by forbidding access of the banks to the address of the citizens of those states, and instead allowing only to know if the citizen has or have not an address in that state (without telling what is that address, unless when crime is committed etc), and to do so simply for reasons of respecting privacy of the citizens and/or for reasons of security for not letting (nazi) gangs to use that address to attack persons.
Q) Does paypal shows the sellers the address of the payers and why ?

The terrorists are the bankers, stupid, they are giving credits for exporting weapons, corrupting governments and exploiting other's land!

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