34) proportionate language requires full implementation over those who implement it with more members involvement

I am a Hebrew poet and I have a mental problem in learning the German language, probably due to the fact that my mother was a 3 years old child in the German concentration camp in Bulgaria, but in spite of this disability and in my ability, I act only voluntarily for the benefit of the German public interest, for example in the issue of refugees. In short, until now I took and take nothing but experience from Germany!

In most Kafkaesque, for three years my address was transferred by the German authorities to another nearby building, and before that, when I was on a visa of a computer expert, I was badly exploited by my caretaker who was not concerned enough for the continuity of my visa in Germany.

As a result of my experience with refugees, I invented the Liquid Union, which is already recognized as a good thing and in the German public interest, by some establishments, including the via-in-berlin.de and the kulturprojekteberlin.de funded by the Senate, but still I am now rejected by the authorities from running the business providing consultancy for this type of unions. http://namzezam.wdfiles.com/local--files/poems%3A17/22.11.15.PDF I am probably politically marked by the authorities, as all mentioned above was reported to them, but still now I am ordered for deportation, and so, for to reducing court costs to prove my case, I would like, at this moment, to leave this country for some time and hope that this Kafkaesque case held against me would be closed and come to its end.

At any rate, here's a conclusion about the use of language excessively as an effective weapon, a conclusion valid to the German, but not only, bureaucratic use of language and, with an historical perspective, to the use of the Nazi laws language - a use being more effective, more it is remote from those who are affected by it. The use of language as an effective weapon does not necessarily produce more clarity or good service to the public interest, and is blinding and sometimes violent, exactly like the use of drone killing hundreds of people just by pressing a button.

Such excessive use acts, not only against foreigners who do not control well the language, but also against the citizens of that country, if they do not understand, track and know well the language of the laws, which are piled up in increased quantities and dependencies and are rapidly changed, in approval and operational maintenance which is not necessarily transparent, by the representatives of those citizens and their state bureaucrats. Using language as effective weapon is blinding and not enough modest, simply because we are all human beings not born perfect gods and because those affected by too violent language are defenseless in front of those who remotely implement it.

Therefore, proportionate language requires full implementation over those who implement it with more involvement of members having direct impact on their future (and such is liquid union is system).
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