38) A small world correction - About the power of movement added to the one of voting in eng

A small world correction

I am moving when I was moved after moving nothing by my vote - about the combined voting and movement powers: Take and become a drop of responsibility in liquid organization in front of the giants being protected by crowds of helmets - mutuality wins!

by @namzezam under humanitarian agpl (2016) (print)


Introduction: knowing your reasons, leave,
Common Company (comcom/ cooperative company / holding company peers / hold egalitarian / co-ownership) ,
iiaom: inner-identifier-and-outer-mask,

Introduction: knowing your reasons, leave!

About my experience in the struggle for human rights of migrants in Germany (Oplatz) and my insights from that:
● No one is illegal!
●● Only acts or laws may become illegal and only if they are contrary to international human rights conventions!
● Every person in every situation has two sides - the surplus and lack: the surplus in which the person is special and thus, in something being better than others, and the lack in which the person is in need of others.
●● For completion of the lack side and after being exposed to it, the person can find, and be exposed to, those who are lacking like him - they are missing her/him in their grouping.

We're seven thousand four hundred million people!

The following are based on my experience in the refugees movement in Berlin, (search: Oplatz magazine + Buy). In this experience economic/social ideas were born, ideas based on the power of movement added to the voting power. The ideas are intended for equality within a group in which majority cannot regularly domineer minorities and in which there is no representation for anyone who could takes all, by groups' integration, without the "necessity" of assimilation - a necessity proven to be complex, long, violent and costly of losing tangible identity in acquisition of statistical and synthetic identity.

The ideas are systemic and designed for small groups endlessly building bigger ones, while maintaining the stability of the bigger ones with healthy plurality of movements of individuals between the small ones, such groups as the needy, consumers, suppliers, distributors, creators and/or small businesses.

The ideas are recommended for the small ones in their survival while competing between themselves, if and when they are willing to match in equality for creating unstoppable force bettering their conditions, a force being locked in front of the bigger ones, which applies also when man is wolf to man, since the proposed agreement is short and rigid, while their mobility is paid of.

The ideas are relevant to most of the population (7.4b) - because
● of the increasing flows of people, information, goods, debt and money between states reduces the relevance of the state as an organization making good for its people, more the states domineer their people because of such movements,
● organizing people in states is mostly helpful only for the very wealthy, a tiny minority of those who are above the states having their liquid funds anywhere while extorting their benefit by and from the conflicts and preferences maintained between those states.

The rules of liquid union:

Liquid union is a union, of which objective is serving specific population in authentic manner, where people from that population can become its participants, such that the union provides its participants its resources, services and/or products, only via more than one channel per project, where
● each project, specified by different objective supplying specific need of specific population, distributes its budget to its channels proportionally to periodical vote of the participants choosing one of the existing or new channels,
● member of the union must also be its participant and any of its participants can voluntarily become its member, where
●● members’ vote can only be after all participants are notified fairly in advance (default minimum 2 months) and only for dissolving the liquid union/projects or for starting impeachment process against its elected committees,
●● only participants can be elected to such committee and only for maximum time (default 2 cadence of 1 year) and
at least these 3 committees are functioning in the union/project:
●●● Board - implementing the decisions made by the participants votes,
●●● Reporting - any participant can notify, as the objective of the reporting committee is to report, to all participants, about any possible improvement in the Board implementations,
●●●. Experts - any participant can suggest subjects to vote upon but Experts committee can help to finalize suggestions for the participants vote.
● Liquid union can be a project in bigger liquid union, this way sub populations can be financed and liquid union networks can be growing upward.
● Some insurance and/or allocated resources for covering risky activity could be reserved per project or liquid union.

in picture and pdf


● Liquid union, when compared with direct democracy, is simpler for people because it requires only selecting the final product whereas direct democracy requires choosing representation at/for any step until that final product.
● Options for the liquid union resources, which preferably is registered for tax exemption as non-profit organization for charitable purposes exclusively:
●● states budgets,
●● donation,
●● taxing the (ComCom) entities running its channels and
●● membership fee.
● Useful examples:
●● marketing network connecting consumers, suppliers and distributors gathered in liquid unions having also some preview groups undertaking the transparency, while focusing in media, banking and marketing, for dictating not only what, how and when will be distributed, but also what is be produced.
●● cutting some middlemen from the producers, importers or framers to the customers: A chain of stores/restaurants benefiting preferred buyers being the liquid union participants when are showing their personal card.

Coin of Respect - Rcoin:

● Distributed as FairCoin but created with an expiration date, where its value is regularly and steadily reduced, such that each daily lost for individual member is redistributed equally among all the community's members.
●● Using fiarcoin code but such that its blockchain is communicated in dito protocol and is downloadable on demand of any members, the id of a peer is iiaom and the transaction being added is a document encrypted for the group of all peers in the community, like by gpg4usb.
●● Wallet:, from table of expirationDate*duration having field=statingValue, calculating V representing the sum of Values reflected from S representing the Sum of StartingValue of such Rcoins per each community's member for each L representing the amount of its Leftover days and equals its last day minus its current day, where
●●● D is its Duration in days,
●●● T as Total in Treasury is the Average value of all such Rcoins in this community, which is changing when exchanging Rcoing for other coins and
●●● M is the Average count of Members in the community,
●●●● such that: V = S*(L/D)+ (T/M)*(1-(L/D)) and ComparativeValue = V/2 (==(V*L/2)/L calculated as average until expiration).
●●●● The ComparativeValue is to be rated against other coins (such as faircoin) while it is given to the community and shared equally to the members for backing new issued rcoins which are given to the buyer paying them to one of members, so that the community could be earning from the activity of its individuals.

The terms and conditions for the holding shares in a common company , hereby a ComCom:

Preamble: This license of ownership is designed to protect against large monopolists players taking over network of companies, which are build in small units holding bigger ones in a recursive manner, while the mobility and equality of their owners together with the authenticity of their motivation are guarded in this agreement between them. It is specifically designed as a litmus paper testing for marking out pretenders trying paving the way for the major players takeover.

This agreement is an agreement for licensed ownership between the owners of the company and of its assets, where, either the agreement, or the size of the majority required to change it, is set only before the formation of the company and where the ownership is transferable between owners only under the following conditions:

● Each buyer or seller of this ownership, must undertake to care for fulfilling the terms of this license, by claiming minimal damage estimated by the stock value of the share from those breaking this agreement;
● Each owner may only be an ordinary owner or a peer owner being equal to another peer owner, where peer owner may only be human or a ComCom;
● Through all holding layers, per any ComCom, only a single holding position per owner is allowed;
● The ComCom has the first right to buy any ownership over itself and each of its owners must match its criteria;
● Per each ComCom, all the peers together equally hold (d) times 100 percent of the ComCom, such that (v) reflects (m), when (d) times (m) equals (c) times (v) or (d) times (i) equals (c) times (n), where
●● (d) represents its decentralization, as 0<=(d)<=1,
●● (n) is the number of shares per each owner, as (d)<=(n)<=1,
●● (c) is the number of its peer owners, which is to be independently decided in qualified majority only by them;
●● (i) is number of its issued shares, being also the number of its individual owners counted through all layers of owning it,
●● (m) is its estimated “market” value,
●● (v) is the ownership value of each of its peers;
●●● where the range of changes in (v) is proportional to number of peers, such that
●●●● steepness=(nextV-v)*(c/v), when |steepness|<= peer-proportionality being a constant number (default=1);
● The form of decision in each ComCom must be transparent to its owners and includes:
●● the peer’s ratio threshold for (the peers’ Independent-ComCom-authority made in qualified majority) deciding about any policy in regard to both: the number of peers and the number of shares held by each peer;
●● the medium – how and where do the owners meet and
●● the advance notification – the time and information to be given in advance;
● The type of the ComCom can only once in its creation be decided, either as having its (d) constant or changeable and either as being open or sealed (allowing no more owners over it), such that
●●● when the ComCom is sealed or its (d) is changeable, each owner must first become peer owner and can always return to that position and
●●● the number of shares held by one peer is to be independently decided in qualified majority by the peers.

The iiaom (as in Inner-Identifier-And-Outer-Mask):

iiaom establishes inner community string-name earning reputation accumulated by non-machine but human and mutual authentication, where
● the iiaom is the hash value of both: an image file of human and its password-protected file;
● the value can be stored separately from the personal details of the authenticated person while being signed by trustee of community garnets the relationship between value and details;
● the value can be used instead of personal details or email, as virtual email such as em.moaii|eulav#em.moaii|eulav or when the value is shown mutually before people are revealed to each other in their non-secure communication such as via the internet, then the image file is encrypted for the authenticator checking for adding reputation or signalling burning the authenticated;
● the value is useful for voting systems, registration of rights and transactions.


● When one rewards another for some product or service, it is useful to ask where from the product/service is and how far is its production from its distribution, as the rewarding might be made local or global -
●● the global rewarding is payed with virtual or state money being adjusted between the currencies, whereas
●● the local could cut expensive monopolistic middlemen, especially when traders determine independently the exchange rate they accept.
●● Only two dimensions are required for presenting this, using
●●● perspective attributes, each evaluate currencies differently in respect to one current currency, such attributes as exchange rates, currency fluctuations, markets capitalization, exchange availability etc, where the values are allocated in fixed size on the vertical axis over horizontal time, such that
●●●● y= v(another)/v(current) and if (y> 1) y = attribute*2+ 1-1 / y, else y = attribute*2+ y-1.

● The simulation of such liquid societies can be represented by number of drops, as number of people, where
●● the drops are absorbed in wet and dark-transparent sponge units;
●● the sizes of the absorbing units are proportional to the number of the absorbed drops;
●● the radiance of the drops reflects the value of the units, where the units are covered with fabric having one side net-door in one or more layers as the distance of the units from the door is proportional to its relative values in the unit.

A summary of my Experiment:

In the 7th Berlin Biennale, and after we have done what we did in acampada/occupy Berlin, I received an email from refugees saying that they are tired of dying by suicide in lagers (Isolated Centres For Refugees) and hence they plan to march a freedom march to Berlin while breaking the German law of residency restricted only to some 40km^2 area​​. The assembly in the Bienniale rejected the request to temporarily reside them there, but after two or three weeks, I saw a protest tent in Heinrichplatz Kreuzberger Berlin, which actually implements that march to Berlin and since then I joined the refugees movement as it is created.

The march to Berlin was for a month from several edges in Germany, it was of 620 km, 20km a day and was made with supporting, documentation and communication groups, while involving the media and the neighbourhood, which mostly did not know a thing about that law of restricted residency for refugees, with a call to join us. In that tent we had open assemblies, discussion, events and flayers about the march in 24 hours shifts and engagements. And then, after a month, when the refugees arrived to Berlin, we set a camp in the nearby oranienplatz (known as oplatz) with sleeping, kitchen and assembly tents and even with free internet, triggering a huge participation, volunteers and donations mainly organized by the refugees, while learning new people and issues and trying "simply" to live with each other.

It was the unbelievable itself and later we also squatted (invaded) an abandoned school. Until now, it is lasting more than four years! It became the target for war refugees from around the world - Iran, Sudan, Mali, Libya, Syria, and more!

For understanding it, one should also know that it is "normal" in Germany that hundreds of lagers are annually burned by nazi groups who are even using Google maps, that from such lagers the refugees had arrived to oplatz, that the laws regarding refugees gradually become more racist and less humane, that our created refugees movement has set three conditions in accordance to the 1951 Refugee Convention, no to: deportation, lagers and limited area residency law and that there are now at least 32 children born because oplatz!

But it was also painful, sad, frustrating and bitter for all of us learning so much since then!

After four years and within the struggle to return to oplatz, after being evacuated due to the penetration into the movement of the green politician Taina Gärtner, who was the deputy of the green district head Monika Hermann and who slept in the tents and in the end even admitted that she turned some of the refugees against the others for destroying the camp in return for very limited and temporal benefits and after 1700 policemen with guns were recruited for week from all Germany for evicting the school but could not, after all that, and before I tell about that
●let me share with you this: someone from the organization to create organizations Via in Berlin approached me and said so - "refugees need organization, perhaps you could….", I said I have to think and returned after a week with the idea of ​liquid union.

In his youth Hans Panhoff was active in the Squatters’ Movement in Berlin, but became a green politician being in charge of the assets of the region, and he did not allow more than 3 showers, for 300-600 people!

From the without-leaders-occupy-movement and in the Biennale7 I also saw some who could contain anything and later participate in the crazy right-wing racist anti refugees Pekida thing, rising and in parallel some cultural institutes from the centre approaching us to help in re-mapping of the narrative - eg to Exodus.
Such institutes like the Gorky gallery, myrightisyourright and kulturprojekte-berlin who were willing to donate 20k euros for communication initiative of editing rooms in berlin run, by professionals with student learning to write not only read the internet, for serving the open borders project for refugees in liquid unions channels.

Additional links:

If you are tired of going to wars and funerals and still are pleased, here are some conclusions:
● Now is the time to normalize, show and prove, how the goat of the 20th century being the Jewish people became the refugees in this century and that this humanitarian exodus is in front and because of exporting weapon to corrupt (weak but armed) government to exploit their land (by sucking their resources and trading their real estate like their rivers etc, from which normal families would simply escape, and that this nowadays goat, as Jews then, constitutes a litmus test demonstrating exactly what is the quality of our society today.
● Now is the time to normalize, stabilize and be identify with what we are according to our actions also without any reference to our origin derived from some distant and recycled past.
● Let us remember that any history is written and recalled in the language of the victim, even more than of the winner, for example the German history is not written and is mentioned only in German language and Israeli not only in Hebrew.
● Let us remember Hitler talks about the next German millennium and the pnac talking about the next American century.
● We have no choice but to exclude, throw up and grin the lunatic right-wing, which by itself will never stop as long as there would be found an interest for its financiers. Since it is the lunatic right-wing, which always campaign for "strong leader", which like Hitler or others, would be allowed to take it all for been corrupted to benefit their financiers financing and pushing for establishing new speech (1984) of national identities (socialistic or not) in which no human experience can be sensed and in which people are numbered but not counted.

For most populations, people's organization in states are often become anachronistic, so take and become a drop of responsibility with care in liquid organizations in front of the giants protected by crowds of helmets - the mutuality wins!

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