39) Operating liquid union organizations

Liquid Unions Solution

Based on this setting rules of liquid union, here is a proposal for a new authentic eco system offering groups of people the following promises:

  • A. People of specific population, by their participant’s equal vote per project, have, the right of mobility between the channels delivering the projects' goods and services supplied by the union.
    • Each channel's budget is proportional to the population's vote for it.
    • The right of mobility is granted without loss of privileges including the one of representation.
    • The commitment for being authentic to the population with specification for the population and the resources are defined by the union's founder.
    • Hereby, participant’s votes are counted and represented through well defined process of voting, unlike the representation in NGO silence statistical abstraction. There is a recognition of people’s pains and causes that is expressed by establishing or choosing channels for fulfilment of their needs, named here projects.
  • B. Liquid Union allows an heterogeneous, diversified culture for the welfare of the community it serves.
    • It is done by integration between groups, instead of assimilation into one group causing the price of loss of identity and narrative of the assimilated group.
    • It is done with respect to the differences of contradicting parties, parties which otherwise could never sit together for the long run, allowing expanding to larger populations in an healthier manner.
  • C. New business incentive in Liquid Union Channels: less trick - more satisfy your customers.
    • Since the Liquid Unions participants privilege includes the "choose or create channels" influencing directly the channels budget/resources.

The general goal (cause): Operating organizations formed as liquid unions to serve defined and heterogeneous population represented authentically, such that the budget for each project matches the need of that population due to its distribution to its channels voted by the population.

Structure: international funds that serve local liquid unions and internationals comcoms serving local channels .

My personal goal: sprout, consult and connect liquid unions focusing on their media projects.

Find here which is your urgency.

Add here your attitudes/roles of organizations and individuals in relation to the cause:

  • founders of local liquid unions with the registering country;
  • local business owners to operate channels with their address or
  • In a bottom up manner, create or find your population.

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