41) Being Useful and Efficient for Whom - Focusing on the Aggression Outcome and the Junk Link

There is that theory which describes product's price over Y relative to the number of its buyers over X. This theory claims possibility to produce a product at any given price depending on the number of buyers, somewhat such that the smaller X, the bigger is Y. Driven from that, we can conclude:

  • when Y=0, the product, without cost, is in junk status and
  • when Y<0, |Y| is the price required to remove that non-products-thing by some tool or material for "cleaning" the thing or to block or to remove people by political violence for normalizing some not-in-the-service behaviours.

The common or public space is always in the zero field and sometimes few move parts of from this space to the positive field, they make a property out of things been (in the) free (space) and hence the purpose

  • of (left) activists for larger group/s is making useful things moved from products to the negative or zero field and
  • of those (rightists) active in servicing a privileged minority, is moving things to become product in the positive filed and making non-useful the rest.

Moving things to the positive filed crates some problems. One can delineate efficiency when relating only to this field, by answering how much and how more could Y be positive, but mostly also such that, more a thing is efficient, smaller is the group it benefits and/or the time it lasts.

  • This focus in efficiency over usefulness for bigger population is one of the reasons for the western cultures production of junk, while being so aggressive in controlling world's resources, while blocking its people.
  • Take the superpower USA as an example: its industry is build on upgrading products, making all except the latest, falling into the junk category, while half of its food is made junk in its purifying processes and relative to the whole world, as its population is only less than 5%, its prisoners rate is between 20% and 25%. Such is the aggression linked to making junk un-useful.


  • The patents offices move the usefulness of things from the zero to the positive fields, whereas the creative common and open source production moves things from the positive field to the zero field.
    • Nowadays, in the open source cloud services era, the agpl is moving more than gpl to the public space at the zero field, since it moves also the services, not only the products, as the gpl does,
    • while the humanitarian agpl adds more human conditions of use with less aggression.
  • Let's assume for this moment, a public space having still healthy to breathe air, but with increasing pollution and also a person of means which could go in 2 ways, namely, pushing
    • for effective regulation against air pollution or
    • for some mask development with exclusive distribution license, where the mask allows breathing healthy air in unhealthy areas.
  • In the 1st case, the air is in zero field and in the 2nd, the person of means proven been cynical, moves the air to the positive field, doing that by restricting the access to air, as the air become a product to be payed for.
  • Similarly, such situation is nowadays in a very large scale happening as the Israeli Bank Hapoalim buying lands in sequences that allow block access to the rivers of the world.

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