43) World Refugees Let Fear Go - letting go the fear from, and of, us the people

Connecting displacement people for letting the fear from them and the fear of them to go.

Letting go the fear from us together with the fear we fear, at http://www.wrlfg.net and http://fb.me/wrlfg we are connecting displaced people for letting the fear from them and the fear of them to go. We are among the 65.3 million people around the world who have been forced from their homes. We actually do something to change our conditions!

The movement of people can never be less FREE than the movement of products, services, money and/or information, without causing exponential violence to people, while making walls separating between those movements higher, since walls are always to collapse.

But it is not only the movement of the people, it is also the movement in time, it is the history which we now are making. As Angela Davis in Berlin, May 2015 said:
This movement is THE movement of the 21th century.
The refugees of the 21th, as the jews in the 20th, are the litmus paper for the sickness of the society they are forced to move in between.

As such people, we remember and we write our history in our languages, knowing its value for the next hundred years and with this respect we let fear go and connect!
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