44) non dramatic (but) voting

To better reflect the long will of the voters and to reduce some forgotten dramatic and random argumentation pushed around such votes and to reducing the effect of high turnout of only small/special interest group of voters, being more organized than the other voters, while lowering the general turnout, we can:

  • 1. Increase the time between the proposal and the conclusion date (the participation time), being just before turning all announcements to votes and just after counting all the announcements and allow in participation time:
    • 1.1. each voter to announce or change her/his announcement;
    • 1.2. the statistic of the announcements be published and available to all voters.
  • 2. Add some more limit conditions for the validation of the proposal in its conclusion date, such that when each limit is not reached, then the vote is canceled, limits such as
    • 2.1. a minimum turnout per vote,
    • 2.2. a limit for tolerance, being the number of changes of announcement per voter together with the limit for the ratio of such tolerance in the vote,

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