46) The pathetic and equipped well, but never authentic, sponsored art in germany, as it is proven by carnival-al-lajiin-2016 case

In Germany, i was told, making your opinion artistic is a legal, legitimized and sometimes the only way to promote your opinion to the public, but, well, even this is not an option, when the art is sponsored by those who cannot tolerate an opinion about any right of the native Palestinian people. Such are the sponsors following the orders given by the Israelis threatening to cut artistic budgets promoting anti-racist and pro-refugees focus.

Many things has changed since then, can we do something? Yes, we can and should do something now. Lets create the true story of oplatz, by the people of oplatz and in oplatz, as a weekly and open workshop with volunteer artists, until being able to make a real show out of that, such a show, that the sponsors could not any more ignore. And lets also make it as #Artists4SocialImprovement to gather participants for our new liquid union Verein.
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