49) Liquid union can create a network that will reward its players for lowering the price gap graph showing the price vs the buyers.

Liquid union can create a network that will reward its players while lowering, from one or both portions: the one starting in its participants and the other from its sources, the price gap shown in this graph of the price vs the buyers (the participants):

  • as the runner (being invested) of the project of the liquid union gets eg: 20% of 1/2 of the price gap reduction, in connecting with their customers (participating in the liquid union), while the channels (being small business), as well as the sources players (farmers, importers, producers and creative class), are organized to deliver their-own interest (in cooperative or comcomized form).
  • distribution: In a cheap and lasting strategy based on minimal donation covering only the distribution of one double sided page in encapsulation, between small business with their owners' picture twitted with something like: @liquid_unions business-name-X want to be a channel in liquid union
    • then collecting these businesses per specific project for to invite investors who want be running this project for specific period of time while earing reward for the the price gap reduction by this project.
    • Operating liquid union organizations...

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