5) Hashed Pic Id Authentication

Hashed Pic Id Authentication

As part of the coin of respect development we came up with a simple practice for peer's authentication:

  • In initiation, The peers exchange an encrypted asymmetrically and compressed image showing only the peer as that image is indexed by its fingerprint or by other token (e.g. triplepin), where the hash of the image is used as the id of the peer and the (12 hex-digits) hash of that id is used as the fingerprint of that image.
  • In authentication, the peers are able to see each other, in physical presence or via internet in a real-time visual and dynamic communication, and the identifying peer checks if both conditions are met:
    • 1) the seen peer is the one being shown in the image and
    • 2) the hash of that image is identical to the id of the seen peer.

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