55) For the political parties of the young in this world - Political hypocrisy is incorrect

This is for the political parties of the young in this world. Political hypocrisy is incorrect, nor sexy, only pushing for more of the old cynical corruption. We, the young people, should be respected and not anymore treated as drudged or spoiled, but as those who are going to carry this world. Hence, to which direction are we heading? Here are 10 criteria of the world of the young:

  • Basic income.
  • Decriminalize/legalize cannabis while regulating the addictive pharmaceutical industry.
  • Regulation of the finance system for better efficiently in fighting the incentives for corruption rooted in this system.
  • Liquid unionize federal states and union of states such as th eu or usa.
  • Digitalized solutions, not enslaving us by meaningless works.
  • Green solutions.
  • Young people should n't any more be the slaves of the old generation mistakes in the current corrupted management of the health and insurance systems.
  • Politics of identities don't make us more secure, nor the remote bases - take soldiers out of remote bases, such as usa soldiers out of Germany.
  • Everyone win something, but non win all, so that anyone is benefited is a necessary step in the good economy we are building instead of distractive war making and war industry.
  • Fair economy, fair knowledge distribution and fair privacy - same level for anyone, while keeping citizen and human rights for all.

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