58) My identity (or an answer for the question "where you come from?")

i am an anti-racist and anti-Zionist pro refugees Israeli, meaning i do not trust prioritizing Jews over others in Israel and i believe that the solutions for all the 12 million people living there should be of one constitutional, secular and federal state of which subdivisions have the highest authoritative power over all immigration issues from/to the state when are made directly from/to that subdivisions and hence the state could become a home for both: Jews and Palestinians.

Historically, the Jewish identity, as a conclusion from the holocaust, was spited between

  • those anti-racist which where important power for constituting the Refugee Convention (established in 1951), believing that no more people having trouble in one state could be not accepted in (any) other state and
  • those racist being Zionist, who believe and force others to believe, that Israel (since 1948) must firstly be a home for Jews being privileged over ALL others in that area for "always" having Israel as a place to escape to for those Jews. Zionists are also those who are world wide forcing constituting the discriminating laws protecting Jews more than other ethnics by distinguishing between antisemitic and racist crimes, such that that the antisemitic crimes are much more heavier and lately made the Israeli basic law of identity.

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