7) "saving it" a lone, in isolation , but not communal, costs more!

Good morning, i am after the talk about the rcoin we made yesterday night in-berlin. It was a start, we were only 4 people and it will continue, but i need to think for my self.

See this short "rcoin - A coinf of respect" in pdf and text

The hardest thing to accept about rcoin is the reduction of its value (linearly, for simplicity of the calculation of its current value).

Like any thing besides money, rcoin is going to die, so it is natural, but people want immortal property because they fear death.

People discriminate as they serve debt in slavery until their death and they must be in a community having "Growth" while they prepare wars, why, what is the medium forcing them to become such?

The money they have with inflation they prefer over a lifetime limited coin giving each of them an equal dividend from the lost of an individual owner, which is like putting a proportional and automatic communal p2p tax over owning the coin a lone , because "saving it" a lone (in isolation), but not communal, costs more to the community and so also to the individual owning it.

this is what i had to put there: it is all about scalability in a gradual manner:

use case; starting in network of buyer to build association working as an interface for input/output of money and closing inner transactions by rcoins

1 why communal <= After mapping what money can buy by near/far and sooner/later we can close the near latter paid by rcoin and the other by money .
globalism (and should i specify here China?) destroy social texture for serving credit benefiting only the very few.
and example? talar.., bitocin and lightcoin are acting as gold/silver whereas rcoin like local money such as dollar etc.

2. why limited life time <==untaxable, but the real question is how much
similar as in inflation 100/x=
money is only a medium and when is accumulated it blocks and monopolize
all other things in life are mortal , hence neutral medium must be mortal too

3. way equal distribution and when to print and how to rate?<==
supportive factor ending those who can earn because earning from them..

4. opening the closeness of the community by comcomism
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