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about me (comcomist, namzezam, Erez Elul. These are my blog entries aroung the subject of "Free and mutual movement of information and people, not only of products, must be established for reducing the instability and gaps between people" more can be found in my other side on

20) Is this how your crosses normally become swords?
created: 06 Jul 2014 23:29
How could you let your constitution see you violating human right so normally?

Was using police with mainstream media powers to normalize your population's patterns the trick?

Normalizing is not holy and is expensive imitating natural being(s) and so how long could you keep being normalizing people and exactly who are you for doing that?

Freedom of movement of people and of information are essentially linked - one cannot exist without the other and not knowing makes people become ignorant and arrogant as they are seeking love to be protected by until, like spoiled lunatics, they turn sadistic, is this how your crosses normally become swords?
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19) #SchengenIIAGREEMENT: The next after the one between states led to the creation of Europe's borders protected by frontex!
created: 27 May 2014 13:34


The First Schengen Agreement between states led to the creation of Europe's borders protected by frontex killing until today 17,000 people, while preferring goods over humans. Learning from that experience, we the people of all the world upgraded that agreement to be between us the people as the followings:

AGREEMENT between the people of the world hereinafter referred to as "the Parties", AWARE that the ever closer union of the peoples of the global Communities should find its expression in the free movement , ANXIOUS to strengthen the solidarity between the peoples by removing the obstacles to free movement CONSIDERING the progress already achieved within Communities with a view to ensuring the free movement of persons, PROMPTED by the resolve to achieve the abolition of checks at borders and to facilitate the movement of all people.

Article 1: As soon as this Agreement enters into force all checks are abolished completely.
Article 2: With regard to the movement of persons, from 1st June 2014 the police and customs authorities shall carry out no surveillance, they may not interrupt the flow.
Article 3: Is Unused.
Article 4: The Parties shall seek solutions enabling them to waive state borders.
Article 5: NO checks shall be put in place.
Article 6: Without prejudice the Parties, shall take the measures required to facilitate the movement of all people.
Article 7: The Parties shall endeavour to abolish their visa policies as soon as possible.
Article 8: With a view to easing differences between people the Parties undertake to coordinate their actions.
Article 9: The Parties shall reinforce cooperation.
Article 10: With a view to ensuring the cooperation provided for in Articles 6 to 9, meetings between the Parties' shall be held at regular intervals.
Article 11: The Parties shall waive borders. Measures shall be taken to avoid checks.
Article 12: From 1 June 2014 checks on documents shall be Abolished!
The Parties shall determine the features of this symbol by common agreement.
Article 13The Parties shall endeavour to harmonise.
Article 14: The Parties shall seek solutions to reduce borders.
Article 15: The Parties shall recommend to their respective rail companies:
­ to adapt technical procedures in order to stop racial profiling
­ to do their utmost to stop borders.
Article 16: Is Unused.
Article 17: With regard to the movement of persons, the Parties shall endeavour to abolish borders and shall endeavour first to harmonise where necessary.
Article 18: The Parties shall open discussions:
(a) drawing up arrangements against police violence
(b) examining any difficulties that may arise in applying agreements.
(c) seeking means of introducing rights and means of communication and justice
Article 19: The Parties shall seek to put down arms and explosives.
Article 20: Is Unused.
Article 21: The Parties shall take common initiatives within global Communities.
Article 22: Is Unused.
Article 23: Is Unused.
Article 24: With regard to movement of the Parties shall seek means where necessary, to not adversely affect the necessary protection of the health of humans, animals and plants.
Article 25:The Parties shall develop their cooperation.
Article 26: The Parties shall examine the framework of the global Communities. To that end they shall support the initiatives undertaken by the global Communities.
Article 27: The Parties shall examine Community law.
Article 28: Before the conclusion of any bilateral or multilateral arrangements similar to this Agreement that are not parties thereto, the Parties shall consult among themselves.
Article 29: This Agreement shall also apply to Berlin.
Article 30: The measures provided for in this Agreement which are not applicable as soon as it enters into force shall be applied Immediately!
Article 31: Is Unused.
Article 32: This Agreement shall apply provisionally from the day following that of its signature.
Article 33: Is Unused.
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18) Liquid Union, for authentic representation in competing, but channeled differently, groups in their united projects or issues
created: 24 May 2014 10:22

Set of population->Project->Channel<-Group<-Individual: An idea for true representation in self governing of contradicting groups having their trademarks for governing their channels in projects or issues which are financed together.

print and try our new mini platform for liquid union workshops meet and startup.

How to avoid misrepresentation of contradicting groups and not being stuck with and sucked by misbehaving in their financing through donation tax and/or dividend?

  • Have 2 legal entities: one being a caretaker of projects and serving in financing the other, the logistic, being caretaker of membership of the population been cared of the channels per each project being financed and the owner of trademarks of the groups governing the projects, where
    • the membership of the people, able to be in one of the groups, is done by the logistic, using one "membership" folder in each group while implementing iiaom protocol.
    • each group at anytime can withdraw its trademark from the representing projects,
    • group0 for individuals, channel0 for unsatisfied people and project0 for unrecognized projects are initiated as a default,
    • the money flow is proportional to the population being served or represented by each project and
    • one logistic could get flow from one or more finance but only for projects and never per channels of such projects, where channel0 is of groups having not yet their channel but the flow goes there considering the population.


  • criteria of projects are created such that in each criteria each member has only one identity for having democratic voting between the projects.
  • each event of creating group or of member's movement between groups, must be immediately registered and be depended only on the member. This is really on unique identification of the members' union, implementable in the events of having new member or losing one.
  • officials in the unión must provide the history of all their jobs in the unión.
  • Example or formation:
    • The Humanitarian Home For Human Beings (HH4HB) is an association formed as a liquid union (see it constitution).
    • Its aim is assisting discriminated populations, like refugees and migrants, govern by the populations authentically and while avoiding misrepresentation, while focusing in reducing gaps created in unjust societies, such as the capitalistic ones, or any other society which value products, documents or religion, ethnic or cultural values more than humans.
    • Its Objectives are creating better transparency about the discriminations, like by providing radio and library together with documentation of the story of the migrant and refugees in such societies, while reducing the social gaps, by providing assistance in fields like law representation, health, food, hosting etc.

A concrete example: in concern of the refugees in berlin. Creating The Liquid Union of Refugees and Migrants in Europe: (which is openly coordinated with the 3:
* <-
* <-
* <- )
The idea is to have 2 legal entities (such as association), where

  • one serving in financing the other (to avoid misbehaving in financing)
  • as the other being the logistic is
    • A) caretaker over projects benefiting and govern by Refugees and Migrants.
      • Such projects of which some add some value to the local German community, such as for Refugees and Migrants between the frontex's borders the Refugees and Migrants
        • Radio and Library of the Refugees and Migrants
        • Documentation of their stories; and
    • B) owner of trade marks of groups of refugees being represented in those projects,
      • such that the groups could avoid misrepresentation by disallowing the use of their trade marks,
        • where the privileged is given to the members of the groups in the condition of the implementation of those privileges is made by the group.

Meeting summeries:

  • A summery of the meeting in 12/06
    • We agreed to continue at 17/06 in 10:00 morning in finding the way to realize the liquid union by founding minimal structure of the finance and logistic associations., where the membership is not of members in both associations, but in the groups having the trademarks assigned to the channels (in the logistic association) per each project (in the finance association)..Hence, our job is of plumbing and creating both associations as sealed pipes connecting only and all flows of money from donors to projects in the finance association to contractors running channel been care take by the logistic association.
      • What was left to search is if, or how much of, the the association tasks is to be given "out sourcing" to contractors or to inner functioners?
  • The summery of the meeting in 17/06: we will try to find the people for both skini associations finance and logistic, and then approach via to realize the liquid union.
  • developing the iiaom a new membership protocol functioning for community as an Inner Identifier And Outer Mask

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17) Terror or systematic error? False manifestation of the German normality formed by torturing!
created: 13 May 2014 18:39
Terror or systematic error? False manifestation of the German normality - doubtfully civil and certainly German, having only 1 shower for 200 people for a year, being restricted from sleeping, protection from nature, or food and water is torturing, also when is implemented only against acting in political manifestation, being black or in gathering! This reality in Germany is daily done for forming the look of the public opinion in the public, for to shape the German normality, which is a legal term serving any policeman to restrict as non-normal being who ever for nothing!

We as the refugee movement could ask for some advice here.
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16) FreeXberg - free xberg 4 gatherings and protests from monika or the greens! Xberg won't become Cambodia!
created: 08 May 2014 20:44

No Freedom of movement of people! No Freedom of information! Where? In berlin Xberg. Who tried and failed to make it? The Green PartyPolice!


blogsport+ der-politische-selbstmord-der-grunen-in-kreuzberg

#freeXberg is a platform for gatherings and protests in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg having in common the demand to Withdraw the bill "Widerruf des BA-Beschlusses vom 18.03.2014" and blame monika herrmann for secretly giving the key of sovereignty of Kreuzberg to the berlin police.

some records +Amiri from the linke about it a collection of short vid - week ending in 1/7/14

Now after exposing the secret deal of moika and the berlin's police to lose xberg's sovereignty unproportionally to their excuses for unlimited time, for every where and against any one or any issue. We are building a new coalition of gathering and protesting people with politicians bringing information political awareness and a kind of protection by actually visiting the events.

  • Are you Green or Monika (as one Supporting Immigrants)?
  • Would you let xberg close its parks for gatherings and protests like in Cambodia?
  • Do you think that restricting ONLY one Shower for 200 people for a year could only cause stress ending in loss of life and do you think this was designed to justify the school's eviction? Historically in Germany, who were those who put trees above humans?

Also see Terror or systematic error? False manifestation of the German normality formed by torturing!



  • at 8/05, day after the tent action revealing the above information in the xberg parlament:
    • while big police force with high officers arrested patric peeing and was situated for oplatz eviction, the above paper was given to rbb building their tv tower , which made some phone calls and went then police went and then patric was freed.
      • Hence in the paper there is here hidden information.
  • at 05/06, monika's deputy Taina Gärtner facebooked:
    • Ich fass es nicht! Jetzt wird tatsächlich wegen Beihilfe zur unerlaubten Einreise und Beihilfe wegen unerlaubtem Aufenthalt gegen mich ermittelt! Und das alles nur, weil ich getan hab, was der Senat wollte! Sie wollten die Registrierungen der O-Platzleute beenden, und wir sollten sie schnell ranschaffen. Hab doch nur meinen Job gemacht….. Irgendwas läuft hier verdammt falsch!
      • Hence Taina contributed so much to the broken trust and her senders became more untrusted!
        • I am not competent for for checking bills, but i do know that she was pushing both: very aloud and very secretly, the unchecked information leading to hammer of police investigation ending with nothing, only for planting mistrust in the camp and in the movement of those who do something for refugees, while as the deputy of monika, she always have the connections to the control over "the level" of such "police investigation". To me: it is now the time for her to add some clarity to the mass she created!

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15) A new format to be created by the "pis": The Ganz Unten (At The Bottom) Journal, as an internet platform being printable :)
created: 19 Apr 2014 17:13


Could this moment of getting be reborn again in o plz, become also a turning point for gattething us with new power, especialy after the green party proven to be so dividing between groups of refugees, while being backed by so havy police power making berlin occuping xberg and protests been forbidden from protection against nature ?

A new format to be created by the "pis": The Ganz Unten (At The Bottom) Journal, as an internet platform being printable (for collecting donations).
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14) prediction on the regain try of the centralized national capitalistic for rich system back from the bitcoin experience
created: 27 Mar 2014 17:14
Here is a prediction of a "new" shift, try keeping the gap and keeping the state as mediator and controler, from national money system of central banks + bank to national crypto money system by a "new" crypto coin (similar to bitcoin), but nationalized, centralized and taxable one, for which part like (10%) are (in-home mined. like the printing by central bank, but now by taxable startup companies ), as the coin is distributed personally (to get identification and as the central bank in 0% interest!?) and taxable as shares and not as monay (as the irs imposes on the bitcoin), to keep the control by money in state by the rich 0.?1% via big companies crossing states. Couldn't you imagine google or facebook mining and distributing for free a usacoin just for to continue monopolizing and monitoring societies?

eg. isracoin island the cpoin in isalnd and other.

Unlike the Rcoin
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13) Equalizing VAT and transfer taxes as state is a Non-democratic-company since bitcoins are taxed as shares by irs:
created: 26 Mar 2014 16:05
Fact: Money is state's shares since bitcoins are taxed as shares by irs, proving the state a Non-democratic-company. Hence, a simple democratic demand for reducing the gap between the rich and poor:

  • The VAT rate ( 5%-25%) must be equal to all "transfer taxes" (0.5%-2.5%),
    • since the Vat is applied over transferring money (mainly) between the poor and the "transfer tax" is applied over transferring ownership (mainly) between the rich ones!

See also:

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12) IIAOM - crypto identity used as Inner Identifier And Outer Mask for authenticating human if accountability/equality is required!
created: 27 Feb 2014 20:27
To increase your social capital you can now Generate your iiaom .
target: reduce middle man attack by forcing iiaom mutual identification
scenario: on hello firefox: before A and B entering the room they exchange thair iiaom hash which get positive or negative rating considering in the mutual only after which the session begin.
Step A to B B to A
1 iaom(A) iiaom(B)
2 SymEnc(img(A)) SymEnc(img(B))
3 PubKey(A) PubKey(B)
4 ASymEnc(img(A)) by |PubKey(B) ASymEnc(img(B)) by |PubKey(A)
5 adjust the reputation of B considering iaom(A)==hash(SymEnc(img(B)),img(B)) adjust the reputation of A considering iaom(A)==hash(SymEnc(img(A)),img(A))

This can be added in webrtc datachannel and even before its session for challenging in the session the reputation of the visitor to the room. It is for equal and free individuals in groups, specifically for Liquid unions, Rcoins and ComComized units, all implementable by the p2proles protocol .

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Next General Anyone can create How

It consists 4 elements and signatures as transaction to produce a log of authentication and members' credibility:

  • iiaom-IMG(member) being an image file having the member's unique elment like face;
  • iiaom-SYM(member) being IMG symmetrically encrypted by the member and stored by the uthenticating body (#R);
  • iiaom-HASH(member) being hash(hash(iiaom-IMG(member))iiaom-SYM(member)), which is publicly available; and
  • iiaom-ASYM(member) being IMG asymmetrically encrypted with the public key of (#R), which is send in uthenticating event to (#R) by the member.

The 6 steps for successful authentication::

  • 1. member (#S) point to the link of the public hash (iiaom-HASH)
  • 2. the authority (#R) provides the encrypted file to the member either in person or by communication through public keys
  • 3. the member decode the encrypted file and give it encrypted to the authority (iiaom-ASYM)
  • 4. the authority check the hash matching to encrypted and plane pictures
  • 5. the authority identify the member as the one in the picture.
  • 6. the authority delete the image after each authentication and before singing in both
    • log transaction and
    • in the credibility of the member.

For democratic applications,

  • pulses of simultaneous peer to peer iiaom authentication shall be made until all members are authenticated, for avoiding human multiple identities, such that
    • the each pulse is performed in different locations per groups of such peers and each peer is both the #R and the #S for all the other peer in group,
    • membered are authenticated only in one pulse except of the the additional pulses which are
      • in each pulse a random pick of some percentage of the previous and of the current create another simultaneous pulse
      • and if and when it is required one pulse for all members is performed.

Each member (#S) produces the OuterMask in 4 steps:

  • 1. picture her/him self (iiaom-IMG)
  • 2. symmetrically encrypt (eg by 7z) the picture (iiaom-SYM)
  • 3. hash the picture , the encrypted picture and than both hashes (iiaom-HASH)
  • 4. make the last hash available publicly

Each group has membership folder having

  • -> log folder of files having nickname being (blindly) signed by group's authority (#R).
  • -> nicknmae ->
    • enc pic
    • files of the pic being (blindly) sined by group authority (of which number equals the Credibility factor as in WOT)
    • -> folder of more enc pic (so that the pictures could be changed)

The Inner Identifier and Outer Mask (IIaOM) protocol for producing reputation and transaction records based on public hashed picture, private map and picture of sender, transactions and objects being transferred.
For Authentication, The IIaOM, or the Inner Identifier and Outer Mask:

  • Getting localized to scale to onion the problem of equality and accountability being invalidated by anonymity, for to cause the attacker to need interacting with each victim in addition to accessing data. To allow to Interact more with the nearer to reduce the manipulations over you from far, by more being identified by IIAOM, exchanging for Rcoins, and having your equal share of assets in ComComized units, with the nearer!

Who are the Players:

  • #S=> sender (buyer) any user using @my
  • #R=> recipient (seller/owner) any user using @my
  • #O=> Operator special or any user/s using @op
  • #A=> attacker/s

The IIAOM (Inner Identifier Outer Mask) , can be used have record transactions so that each Rcoin or comcom's share has the hash(id(transaction))) of its owner being #R or a measure of authenticity of #S being identified by all such #R

  • H(picture(#S)) is a hash, published by #S , which is produced by a secret random map(#S) of rectangles upon the picture(#S), as the map defines each rectangle being separately hashed before added to the list (of all hashed rectangles) which is finally hashed to H(picture(#S)) ,
  • stamped(#S&#R), distributed to the @Op(peers) by #S, is H(picture(#S)) encrypted by #S with the digital signature of #R, made only after #R recognizes #S in the picture(#S) and re-made the exact H(picture(#S)), by having the map with picture which being delivered privately from #S and
  • II(#S) ( II as in Inner Identity) is a unique (12 digits) number used (like a Key-fingerprint) for representing one person only once in a community, where II(#S) indicates a log-appending-rec (log) record having all stamped(#S) attached with N(#S) being the number of different signing #R and
  • IIAOM(#S) =Hashed((log-rec(II(#S))) used with H(picture(#S)) is used as stamp on transaction for which the recognition was made.
    • Hence, if indeed all #R recognized #S in the picture, with higher N(#S) and bigger record(II(#S)), more authenticated is the identity(#S).

Vulnerability against (governmental) use of face recognition:

  • deepened on the changes of picture(#S)
    • 0. H(picture(#S)) is public, used like pubkey, could also be qr
    • 1. log-rec(II(#S)) appended and distributed by #R to @op, has singed_by_#R(encrypted_for_#S(H(picture(#S))))
    • 2. map(#S) secret, privately sent on wish to #R
  • 3. picture(#S) secret++, can be changed and only privately sent on wish to #R,
  • 4. seeing(#S) secret+++, cannot be changed be used in person or in parallel private communication,

After #R already has the public available H(picture(#S)), #R connect to #S to pay, by sending Rcoins, to #R, such that #S sends encrypted for #R the picture and map, then #R hash the picture by the map and only when matching H(picture(#S)) and then recognizing in person or on-line interaction #S as the one shown in the picture(#S), #R sign the transaction as singed_by_#R(encrypted_for_#S(H(picture(#S)))) and send to peers@Op, where the transaction identify the movement of all the coins from being identified with #S to being identified with #R….

#A use face recognition and try to identify the governmental identity, such as identity card, driving license or passport, of #S, by having log-rec(II(#S)) and one of H(picture(#S)) with the map(#S) , but not seeing or having the picture(#S).

  • #A try unhash by the map for getting the picture, without the map this task is harder.

Threat model: The who,want,measures,countermeasures.
In general, when #S pay to #R, witnessed by the peers, the process is of specifically identifying the #S as the owner of the Rcoins and then the #R as the one being identified with them them.

I am looking for project manger, if you can help please contact me here
Also see this

When people agree to be equal, the problem in using government tools to prevent multiple human identities is, in our world, where governmental authorities break or can break the constitution of their states, while transferring, or giving a way to, private data to well hidden private authorities.

last minit note:
vulnerability: The encrypted picture is of a private and unique element such as organ, like face, or accessory like, secret number.
use case: voting , transactions ,trust-request, Pulses of simultaneous iiaom p2p authentication in remote groups:

  • in voting by iiaom , all iiaom are accumulated, then all used iiaom are compared with iiaom->hash(id) in validating for approving or disapproving the voting privilege of that member, where validating returns 2 numbers: Ill= zero or the number of iiaom unkown in validating and the ratio of the number of iioams vs count in validating, as nonzero Ill indicates the voting as ill, and can be creaked per each vote and/or after all the voting.
    • validating: iiaom > hash(id) < validating uniqness, such as in votings
    • registrion: hashid > id,iiaom < regisrtion by trastee

trust: The iiaom of same user earning the trust is signed by and with the iiaom of the one authenticating that user. (should the signing be blind and storage on freenet?)

  • 1. produce(image) returns (hash,sym) , ask to delete the orginal image
  • 2. pass(sym) returns (asym),
  • 3. auten(asym,sym,hash,communication) returns (signatures) after human authentication in communication matching all and then delteing the image signing in log and credlbilty .


  • A human non machine authentication and a NOGOYO, which is still aligned with KYC (Know Your Customer) of the USA repulsive Patriot Act of 2001 (of the Project for a New American Century - PNAC - being before the event so obsessive about "catastrophic catalyzing event –like a new Pearl Harbor”), claiming to fight money laundering and being the only case for the stupid money investment trending, such as the one fincancing the Yo application and the traps for locating users by facebook google etc.
  • By a remote trustee signing the match of a specific document of a user with her/his iiaom the iiaom is made trusted as that document and transferable without revealing the document information.
  • The mutual revealing in using iiaom make it expensive for the few to control the many.
  • Once matching the encrypted pictures from the iiaom with the human unique private element, the iiaom is valid except of in MITM eg. in all further communications and transactions, where the MITM can be overcome by parallel communication matching the iiaom again.
  • one must communicate and been seen to see/have the image.
  • no trace in the machin if the orginal image is deleted (so the app should enforce that).
  • familiar practice like in gpg: (reputation is developed and public element like pub key is given and meet-up like crypto party) but without link to others out of the community like the government or identity theft.
  • keeping anonymity by having 2 iiaom-HASH(member): 1st to be authenticated by and 2nd to be blindly signed by, as the member can have more then one iiaom-HASH(member) and is identified uniquely by a static one of the iiaom-HASH(member) and/or a unique username for issues of equality and accountability, whereas any of the other iiaom-HASH(member) are used in transaction made by member.

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11) ComComized collaboration platform is partly or fully equally owned by its contributors able to select and create environments
created: 27 Jan 2014 17:09
You already now can join, create or host your ComComized collaboration platform, which is partly or fully equally owned by its contributors (some interviews). We are creating the ComComized platform in hope to be useful for club/network of buyers.

  • This can be made useful for 3 target groups, namely: customers, small business they buy from, and social oriented business makers ( as ordinary/non-peer partners).
  • This can be developed in 3 steps, namely: 1st customers coming with trademark of their comcomized association to get something like 10% discount, 2nd the association position its people in some corner of the small business to server its members in higher discount 20-30% and 3rd creating real computation against the big markets.
  • While this is happening the people being organized and costumers could also become more political.
  • The first threshold is to have 1000 people registered for to attract professionals as layers tax adviser etc.
contact events & spread it

The idea is to make it decentralized, but accessible by one general keyword (eg. "comcomized") used in domain names (such as, where

  • the sub-domains are maintained separately or commonly on one or more servers to provide environment by appiactions managed by its admin/s and
  • the sub-domains are names are categorized by their tld (e.g. com,net,org,info for the categories groups,users,projects,information-knowledge-etc).

The idea is to share good info so that the operators of specific comcomized unit could go there and perform for the unit on sub domain of, where the info is

  • for server eg,
  • for images we produce for such communities to works on, eg with durpal wordpress git wiki etc
  • for pull of professional to rent able using such imges on such servers or only coninuing from those.

The authenticatation has 2 steps:

  • 1st the hardest: to become a unique user on including iiaom and
  • the 2nd in registration in a comcom on with negotiating with the user on, (the 2nd should involve ping pong between net and com and be essay like signing twitter with facebook etc)

Currently we are having jabber on and our todo list has:

  • multi site forum for the subdomains of all memebers who don't have it otherwise.
  • on to build transaction forum of the group, where it is visible only for its members, its body has the groups it holds for which is parameters are visible and the table of the parameters of its non human ownerss .
  • on to have forum of the group visible to its members
  • on welcome page + in its bottom forum visible to all members of

In addition, as the contributors of the platform are its owners, they are now able to select and create their developing environment, its term-of-use and the licences over the products made in it. Such contributors are software/hardware developers, artists, reporters, researchers, bloggers, activists, journalists and members of social networks (eg of buyers) etc … A clear way to assign and distinguish between such platforms is by issuing the platform's criteria for the licences, environments and terms-of-use. eg:

  • Like the open source criteria (which was made for the use of the platforms related to geeknet NASDAQ:GKNT lasting until 2012, now owned by DiceHoldings NYSE:DHX), but without the 6th paragraph specifying "No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor". This might be a good idea for you, if only they (the NASDAQ:GKNT), but not you (the contributors) want ALL commercial users and ALL use, including amoral fields, such as of monitoring and torturing by cia and nsa or as the dna research for the Monsanto food production monopoly.
    • Why google ban agpl?
    • Being one of 450m aware users of whatsapp which was sold to facebook for 19b, just for getting you and your data and conncetions, would never happened for the next after whatsup if the one would be comcomized, just because the unchangeability of the common company contract.

Why is this crucial now and critical for you and your children?

  • As snowden's files shows, all over the globus, national security agencies collaborate and are controlled by the lobbies of the private companies contracting with such agencies.
    • This amounts to use of army and/or weapon industry against civil population.
    • In our school we learn that the one, designing a gun to kill, is a killer, as the one using it, producing and selling it.

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10) Even in Germany, proving Racism in Israel does not constitute Antisemitism!
created: 03 Jan 2014 14:58

In solidarity with the refugees in israel!

In this page I will try to collect some information about some international support to the refugees in Israel.

CALL TO ACTION (print +zip of call+info and in german])

International community : we urge you to advocate that Israel stop our imprisonment and starts respecting refugee rights! Israel’s latest policy of arbitrary detention for endless time without trial continues to humiliate our community. We are turning to you for help and asking you to mobilize towards demonstrations at Israeli Embassies on 22 of January 2014.

international solidarity campaign, facebook


call to action

While the right wing governing in israel already use this case to portrait itself as a protector against refugees, the silence in the west (europe and usa) about its crimes is used by the israeli government to show to the israeli society its "success" in its "fight against war refugees" - so much cynical.

Why am I doing it? To me History will judge any of us. As Israeli children in school we learned that the only thing we could "do" to the German is to remember and show. For me that lessons is true now for the 50,000 refugees from Sudan and Eritrea being in war zone, while the refugees are silently and unlawfully Haunted to be excluded from the Israeli society.

To me, weapon production and exporting to war zones, corrupting government and exploiting lands are good enough reasons to take full responsibility over people running from war, and this as a foundation for any kind of humanitarian societies (of course, before going to war to teach the others some "values").

As for this month the issue is urgent, as the government might be re-challenged in highest court. See this chronic (since 1/2012) of the racist attacks against non-Jewish African asylum-seekers in Israel for several years + Haaretz Editorial 03.01.2014+ in english. +Tel Tviv. Watch thousands of African refugees participating in a community meeting in Levinsky Park , preparing a three days strike protesting Israeli authorities persecution of refugees and their forced detention.

The basic right to freedom: photos@972mag + photos@activestills+the women-march

  • Freeing all imprisoned;
  • Amending the anti-infiltrator law;
  • Check every single asylum request;
  • Speak directly with the community in order to find a solution



The international 22th of jan 2014


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9) Wanted - a platform of flat circles of trustees for distributing information by activists
created: 12 Dec 2013 17:25
Wanted - a platform of flat circles of trustees for distributing information by activists: Each trustee in such circle is signed on all product of the cycle and is available to be challenged by answering the what,who,why for the information and references of information given by the circle, also in replay to challenges, for to produce measures for reliability of each circle by such challenging between such circles , where the focus is clear history and is on reliability even in cost of being faster.
what who why
what is the information who give the information and all the structure allowing giving it why the information is given in its form and context

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8) #Bitocin, as a global currency, can only become more speculative!! (with its good random numbers production and predictability)
created: 19 Nov 2013 08:46
Bitcoin in its mechanism gives power to (those who can) spend large computing power (producing heat) with high discrimination in rewarding only one producer, but not the rest challenging the random numbers. But bitcoin also has one good thing:

  • producing good random numbers with predictability as for the amount per time , by making it harder to make the number as faster it was made, but only when relying on the goodness of the peers to announce the solution in time, making the mechanism being good only in secretly producing random numbers.

And hence with such predictability and with its low transparency level, bitocin, as a global currency, can only become more speculative.
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7) "saving it" a lone, in isolation , but not communal, costs more!
created: 02 Nov 2013 14:45
Good morning, i am after the talk about the rcoin we made yesterday night in-berlin. It was a start, we were only 4 people and it will continue, but i need to think for my self.

See this short "rcoin - A coinf of respect" in pdf and text

The hardest thing to accept about rcoin is the reduction of its value (linearly, for simplicity of the calculation of its current value).

Like any thing besides money, rcoin is going to die, so it is natural, but people want immortal property because they fear death.

People discriminate as they serve debt in slavery until their death and they must be in a community having "Growth" while they prepare wars, why, what is the medium forcing them to become such?

The money they have with inflation they prefer over a lifetime limited coin giving each of them an equal dividend from the lost of an individual owner, which is like putting a proportional and automatic communal p2p tax over owning the coin a lone , because "saving it" a lone (in isolation), but not communal, costs more to the community and so also to the individual owning it.

this is what i had to put there: it is all about scalability in a gradual manner:

use case; starting in network of buyer to build association working as an interface for input/output of money and closing inner transactions by rcoins

1 why communal <= After mapping what money can buy by near/far and sooner/later we can close the near latter paid by rcoin and the other by money .
globalism (and should i specify here China?) destroy social texture for serving credit benefiting only the very few.
and example? talar.., bitocin and lightcoin are acting as gold/silver whereas rcoin like local money such as dollar etc.

2. why limited life time <==untaxable, but the real question is how much
similar as in inflation 100/x=
money is only a medium and when is accumulated it blocks and monopolize
all other things in life are mortal , hence neutral medium must be mortal too

3. way equal distribution and when to print and how to rate?<==
supportive factor ending those who can earn because earning from them..

4. opening the closeness of the community by comcomism
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6) let's talk on Rcoin - the coin of respect 1.11.2013:18-22h in-berlin Lehrter Str 53 10557 berlin
created: 28 Oct 2013 21:39

Let's talk on rcoin - the coin of respect, 2013-11-01 18-22h @inberlin.

About the Rcoin (from rcoin.h.pdf), licensed under the agpl and the author is namzezam):
rcoin - A coin of respect is a time limited and equally re-distributed communal coin. It is daily and gradually losing its value, which is equally gained by the community members. It is not money, nor an equivalent to money, but still a medium of exchange, a credit for exchange and an inner community evaluation tool. Use it for bringing more social justice into your communities for to build up your economy, by advancing community members to get more than the others, only as they are automatically sharing something of their gain with their community members.
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5) Hashed Pic Id Authentication
created: 07 Oct 2013 21:06

Hashed Pic Id Authentication

As part of the coin of respect development we came up with a simple practice for peer's authentication:

  • In initiation, The peers exchange an encrypted asymmetrically and compressed image showing only the peer as that image is indexed by its fingerprint or by other token (e.g. triplepin), where the hash of the image is used as the id of the peer and the (12 hex-digits) hash of that id is used as the fingerprint of that image.
  • In authentication, the peers are able to see each other, in physical presence or via internet in a real-time visual and dynamic communication, and the identifying peer checks if both conditions are met:
    • 1) the seen peer is the one being shown in the image and
    • 2) the hash of that image is identical to the id of the seen peer.

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3) To all the german loving their markel, stop exporting nazism to greece!
created: 24 Sep 2013 17:07
to all the german loving their markel, stop exporting nazism to greece, exactly by your austerity measures, systematically destroying and corrupting the basic social structure, including of the police and universities, ending up in golden dawn killers trained by the nazi greek army arms!
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2) Is 2013 1984?
created: 27 Aug 2013 12:46
In 2013 the Poll shows that 60% Oppose Intervention in Syria, so obama send syria kerry to verify use of chemical weapons, but the CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran in 1988!

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1) restoring
created: 26 Jul 2013 13:23
This site was created to extand the my wikidot porfile.
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