HashComposition: a seperated key for hashed picture

The Hash-Composition is used as a seperated key for hashed picture, where the composition is a set of the pair of arguments: (diagonal, angle), together defining a sequence of rectangles, such that:

  • Each rectangle is hashed separately in the crop defined by its arguments;
  • The composition is given separately (in a specific transaction) and all rectangles in their order define together the reference to the picture and reference could be hashed again for to be squeezed again to a predefined size (used as an id);
  • Overlapping means hashing part of hidden rectangle with the shown one;
  • Per each corner the shortest rectangle on wall defines the highest of all others;
  • The first two zeros define the containing rectangle and each other zero define changing direction until the pair of zeros that define the end after which the next 2 pairs are of the original picture (first of the position of its top left corner and the second of itself) and then terminate.

eg: (0,0)(0,0)(45,400) is the non-overflowing composition of only the original being a square of which diagonal=400 pixels.
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