self produced media in liquid union channels

Self produced media in liquid union channels

Expressions, information, interpretations and conclusions in non perfect and non projective but productive liquid unions channels !

This "dream" is for those who believe that the mainstream media, as it is held by interest groups, can only project but not produce relevant information, where the data is deleted after being processed:

  • correspondents capturing data and then
    • 1. encrypting while compressing (7z) and sending it to temporal storage (dropcanvas dropbox ) and then
    • 2. sending its key, link and metadata encrypted with public key of/to liquid union channels of which
  • editors editing it ( on station: being a rent-able editors room (in suitcase) ), rendering (rentrender frameserving) it and distribution on social and other media
    • (in delay of 1/2 hour, or so, for reducing real time vulnerability issues, remember occupy? why? 1, to keep the issue of privacy in control.2. to produce higher quality material).

The "dream" is having editing rooms getting encrypted or webrtc materiel and prepossessing it to feet the specific media, while the room are channels in liquid union and as such are financed proportionally to number of people in the groups assigning to it periodically, where the groups are of migrants in europ!

This is a call for establishing a co-working group realizing that "dream", where the co-working is by signing on the comcomized agreement and the lisences is humanitarian one, such as the humanitarian agpl

see also:

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