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The HopeIsBack Foundations Network is made for the brave ones who know their difficulties and lost their hope, but are able to gain it back. #HopeIsBack! We live in In Representative, but Non representing, Democracies - the problem and solution. Equally own with me or with others thing you develop. Contact here to set-up another event related to liquid union, regathering oplatz and privacy practices such as end2end encryption 4 groups with gpg4usb and more. See also p2pfoundation postnational solutions , comcomist , comcomized , comcomism, govcomcom, "constitution of its citizens"

Here are some interviews

Those who believe in god, law or something allowing their privileges over others are innocent tested for their cynicism and for their sadism when are killing, torturing or confining the others for their benefit. I am a privileged person and this is wrong and hence I use my privileges for improving the conditions of the non privileged ones, otherwise mentally I would get be spin to believe in crap while getting addicted and abusive . Being in addiction is being not free and being attacked in the emptiness and void time, routinely, as if naturally, time after time, untill masking my mind to prevent meeting how much wrong is the system privileging me and my privileges among the others i am living with.

I am a pro refugees activist who continues the path of the Jews who have established the Refugee Convention and I am anti racists in all its appearances, such as the racist path the zionisem took and hence I am convinced that fighting against antisimsm, but not at the same level against xenophobia, is a raciist and cynic act, that tends sometime to even become sadistic . Also, I am following how "fighting antisemitism" is made a spin to hide something else (e.g. high rent in berlin) for supplying the victim of that spin a hopeisback solution.

In its entirety a thing is with its nonexistence/s:

  • The truth, false, or lack of knowledge to distinguish between them is always an internal indication reflecting an external instances/s. Such indication, in conclusion condition, can be used as rgb (-?+) to colorize any mapping of reality. Such Indication is only essential for orientation within integration, such as in conversation, association, when entering, exiting or completing a thing, while doing that alone or together with others, in any identity issues and more, and hence essential only according to some priorities of access or existence, which are the "being included/including" attributes being added to the attributes of "being with".

Hi, I am namZeZaM (what-ma time-zman is-ze ) and my name is Erez Elul. In the past i invented the pile, which was well impressing Mr Ralf Westphal (lately renamed rhizome by fabian), and making me to refuse 200m around 2001. i am activist with the refugees struggle in berlin since 4 years, (we occupied school building and oplatz oraninen platz , one thing you might know about is that angela davis described this refugees movement as THE movement of the 21th century) and before that i was active in alex11 acampadaberlin or occupy germany and in bianele7-berlin. With that experience i came up to the scalable idea described in . Could you support? My current project is of founding the basis for Comcomized Groups . Here is my booklet Peer Owners - Your Net explaining more about such units and here are of my Poems. Please use this to contact me.


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Focusing now on Rcoin the Coin of repsect

Tagline: #anrgyowners, Yes i am Angry! Common Companies Foundation! erez elul, pile, namzezam comcomist etc
Activity: Decentralized, global and ”comcomized” (equally owned by its users) platforms for the 99% at + ComComism Connect or The ComComism’s Events: Create or join your event about comcomism at
Am ComComIst (search it):
Dedicated to decentralization!
Things i love: Sex, Dance, Talking Birds, Sun and Writing Poems and
Math, for Changing the World - Generally and Gently - a touch is what i
like and what i am. I am a ComComist and you?
my social: twitter, ipower, linkedin , su , youtube , change , blogspot, facebook, Github
My call: I am comcomist and i invite you to become a ComComist too (see why should you). It takes only one personal agreement for becoming equal and free owners of a unit and that is all what the comcomism is about. Here is the iswith-platform.
My political opinion about israel: Defending israel as a "jewish democratic" state will not defend the World's Democracy. Israel should become one democratic state and not a "jewish democratic", since any ethnical democratic state is apartheid in itself.
The "democratic" state must be, democratic in western standarts - a state for ALL its citizens. Such a state, as it expands between egypt, jordan, lebanon, syria and the sea, is naturally one of which majority is not necessarily a jewish one.
The judaism in itself is a mixture made of 3 categories of identity - religion, race, and national, making israel as a "jewish democratic" state, to become a nationalist, racist and religious state.This makes me belonging to canaan.

My art is a poetry of integrated contradictions using its language for taking its receiver to meet something out of the language, where all such integrated contradictions have inner relationships making each be better understandable by the others. Such languages, in which such poetry act, are

  • Hebrew (poems),
  • math (from circle of zeros until pile-technology),
  • logic (the whole vs all)
  • politics (constitution of its citizens) or
  • business (comcomism and its derivatives such as comcom social and govcomcom).

e.g.( for the art in logic):

  • One must first distinguish between 2 types of non-existences prior to having established the concept we may name all, where the types are the one which is attributed to all and which does not include any referable existence whereas the other attributed to any existences included in all and which includes all other referable existences in that all.
  • Being included is a type of being with, one with the other, but only where one of the pair conditions the accesses and/or existence of the other. e.g. i am in the room, meaning i am with the room, but only such that i could never be (found) unless the room was and the room is in me, meaning the room is with me, but only such that the room could never be (found) unless i was.
    • Hence it is proposed to well understand 2 types of negation (one referable and the other is not) and distinguish well between all and whole, such that the wholeness of a thing is the thing together with its non existences and such that the last statement together with what ever was not said in that statement is the wholeness of that statement.

Some History: Seven or more years ago, I accomplished developing a mathematical theory for organising things (a theory of organising) and already then it was computable. As an algorithm what it does is systematically integrating in recursion, by building while breaking
patriarchal-or-tree-like structures, in other words it recurrently relates relations building together a space consisting only of relations, the space then constitutes an equal citizenship of relations and the relations are put-in/pull-from the space in an order defined by the relations. Please contact for to know more about that.

For long time before that, say some 15 years ago or more, such organizing theory was my ambition, as a poet dreaming to break the (binary) concept of (either) inclusion (or) exclusion. and so I could ask:

"Subject and object are distinct" said Rene Descartes, hence the distinction matters, but between being objective and being subjective does there exists other being, is a distinction in itself either an object or a subject, does any distinction between two is to be counted as the third, could we call such third a meta thing and could we avoid counting the matter of such third, as the matter of a distinction is, in any theory attempting to organize things?

Eventually I defined a whole of a thing as the thing together with its non-existences. For more about that initial concept leading to that theory of organizing you can see here satisfactory versus confinement.

Anyhow, nowadays this (mathematical) theory of organizing is proven to be stronger (enabling higher order of expression and based on more alternatives) and more intuitive and flexible then trees or dimensional structures as for providing space into which we put thing for organizing them.
It may sound complex for some experts, but children get along with it much easier and I continued to develop this theory by producing some implication of such organization.
see if you like the p2pcommunities project which you are invited to join in developing but only in ComCom.
Rcoin Updates + Please download and distribute: this also in text

See also the latest, the iiaom and Liquid Unions mini platform.

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last thins, here is my vc and the work of my my grandpa and my grandma

gtgl (Good Time Good Luck) + c u :)

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